What is a Chinese Gender Calendar?

Couples today are always excited about hearing the news that the woman is pregnant, but their excitement heightens once they can already determine the gender of the baby via ultrasound in the third to fourth month of life. However, did you know that with the aid of the Chinese gender predictor or commonly known as the Chinese baby calendar you can already predict the whether you are going to bear a child who is a boy or a girl even before conception? Yes, you read it right, even before the... Read The Rest →

Chinese gender prediction chart

Here is the chinese gender prediction table for your free use. The G stands for Girl and the B stands for Boy. Please notice that the mother’s age is her Chinese age. To calculate what is exactly your Chinese age (your age according to the Chinese calendar) you can use the calculator here- http://www.prokerala.com/general/calendar/chinese-age.php Just type in your birth date and get your Chinese age, cross it with your month of consumption and get the result. Read More…

How to Phrase baby shower invitations appropriately?

Baby showers can be fun, especially for women who have got the opportunity to be moms for the first time in their life. In fact, all moms and not only moms but also dads plan something highly innovative for their kids on the baby showers. Now in this regard, phrasing out your baby shower is also essentially vital. You need to be extremely prompt in phrasing the baby shower invitations in order to lure guests to attend your baby’s special day. Follow the mentioned guidelines in order to effectively achieve... Read The Rest →

What are the best Vitamins for Pregnancy?

Getting ready for pregnancy is almost as big an undertaking as the actual pregnancy and it needs careful planning. You must pay attention to your diet, when you are trying to conceive and take the proper vitamins. This will make sure that your body is functioning and many also aid in increasing the fertility. Here are some vitamins for pregnancy: Zinc Zinc is very important as it maintains the levels of testosterone in males. If zinc is not taken in sufficient quantity, it can affect motility and sperm count. In... Read The Rest →

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